The organization created by Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes announced FiRe League, a tournament that brings together teams from all over the region and that will distribute a significant sum of money among the participants. With an official announcement imminent, the competition created by FiReSPORTS seeks to position itself as the number one Counter-Strike league in Latin America. It will run from mid-August to December.

“We believe that Counter-Strike is like esports football because of the passion it feels,” said Figueroa Reyes, CEO and Founder of FiReSPORTS. He also added: “There is also a League of Legends league in the region that is handled very well by the LVP, so we want to bet on creating a strong CS: GO league that can coexist with a strong league such as LVP from LOL”. The tournament will have a format of 3 leagues that will be divided between South (with center in Buenos Aires), Middle (with center in Bogotá) and North (with center in Mexico City) and a grand final face-to-face that will be played in a major stadium from the Buenos Aires city. The organization of the tournament has not yet given names, but it implies that the two places under consideration are Luna Park or Movistar Arena.

The format for the FiRe LEAGUE – Cluster Sur tournament is as follows:

  • Regular Season
    • Double Round Robin
    • All matches are Bo1
    • 1st and 2nd placed teams proceed to Semifinals
    • Teams placed from 3rd to 6th proceed to Quarterfinals
  • Playoffs
    • Single-Elimination bracket
    • All matches are Bo3

Participating teams include the following:

Isurus, 9z team, Coscu Army, Cream Real Betis Latam, Furious Gaming, Malvinas Gaming, Wygers Argentina, New Pampas, Meta Gaming, Undead Gaming.

Prize pool distribution is as follows: 1st place – $3,000 USD (regional finals), 2nd place – $1,500 USD while 3rd place receives $1,000 USD and 4th place earns $500 USD.

The final will be played on the weekend of December 5 and 6 with the public, unless the COVID-19 virus and its consequences change the landscape and the final has to be played online. Regarding the registration methods for the tournament, FiReSPORTS will be giving more information through its networks on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, those responsible for the competition detailed that they are about to close an important agreement with a European event producer with a track record in the world of esports. It is rumored that it is the Electronic Sports League (ESL), responsible for the Counter-Strike Major that will be played this year, and they would already be working together for the realization of the FiRe League .

On the first day of the final, the four qualified teams will play to see who is the FiRe League champion for a percentage of the prize. The champion and runner-up of the league, then they will face two invited teams from abroad, one from Brazil and the other from Spain., to measure yourself against higher level rivals and compete for more prizes. The league promises to cover travel and lodging expenses for the teams that qualify for the phase to be played in Buenos Aires. This will include hotel accommodation among others for a total that they estimate would reach about $ 40,000 more.