funspark ulti 2020 qualifier

North America

Cyber Games Arena (CGA) along with 5EPlay announced a CS: GO tournament titled FunSpark ULTI. The event will feature eight teams in total, with four invited teams; the remaining four teams claimed a spot from regional qualifier tournaments (North America, Europe and Asia). They will compete for the lion’s share of $300 000. The Chinese based CS: GO tournament is scheduled to take place from 1-6 December 2020. The organizers have already announced the first two direct invites for the tournament; both TYLOO and FURIA have accepted the invitation. Teams invited for the regional qualifiers have also been announced. Two regional qualifiers will be held for Europe while one each will be held for North America and Asia. All the regional qualifiers will be played online featuring an additional prize pool of $37,500, they will be taking place between 8th August – 10th October. Notable teams from each region includes the following:

Europe: Dignitas, forZe, North and Sprout

North America: Cloud 9, Chaos, Ze Pug Godz and Triumph

Asia: BTRG, OneThree, Tiger and Invictus Gaming

Though the event is currently scheduled to take place from 1st – 6th December on LAN with the host city still being decided between Beijing, Hainan, and Chengdu, there might be some changes made to this schedule. This is because just last week the Chinese General Administration of Sports has cancelled all international sports event for the remainder of 2020, so most likely the tournament will be rescheduled to take place in early 2021. This is all the information available on the tournament at the moment, more updates are likely to follow in the days leading up to the regional qualifiers. Not much information is available from the side of the organizers, except for a Tweet which states that “FunSpark brings you the FunSpark ULTI – one of the biggest CS:GO tournaments in Asia. Stay tuned and follow us!” The tournament might be the biggest CS:GO tournament hosted by CGA yet, who has previously hosted a plethora of other eSports tournaments including China Cup, NEST Pro Series, and other events for different eSports titles like PUBG, FIFA, NBA, Overwatch, and others.