whitebit super cup

WhiteBIT Super Cup is an online Ukrainian tournament organized by UESF. This CTier tournament will take place on Nov 01 2020 featuring eight teams from the CIS region. The following teams will be in action:

Marlian eSports (Online qualifier #1)

Deathly Donkeys (Online qualifier #1)

5Balls (Offline Qualifier #1)

WISKI-KISKI (Offline Qualifier #1)

Project X (Offline Qualifier #2)

SESTRI (Offline Qualifier #2)

And two more teams who are yet to be determined by means of offline qualification. The format for the tournament will be as follows:


Single-elimination bracket

All matches will be Best-of-three (BO3).

The prize pool is 100, 000 Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), which equates to $3,535 USD. The prize pool distribution will be as follows:

1st place – $1,767 USD, 2nd place – $883 USD, 3rd place – $353 USD, 4th – $176 USD while places 5-8 each earn themselves $88.