oceanic esports dota league

Co-founded in 2019 by Justin Yuen, Oceanic eSports’ sole purpose is bring all competitive gamers and viewers the best experience. They initially started with Dota 2 and aim to expand into other game genres in the near future. The main idea is to garner as much Oceanic gamers and get them to compete for glory and some money at the same time.

Oceanic eSports currently have 10 teams registered for the 2nd season of their Oceanic eSports Dota League (OEDL). On August 5, the second season kicked off, whereby winning teams can earn $100 AUD per match to secure a spot in the playoffs. The playoffs, titled the Oceanic Main event, is set to begin October 20 and boasts an impressive prize pool of $34000 AUD, not bad, considering the fact that they can add their regular season earnings to an even bigger prize pool.

This season, aside from the fact that the internationally-recognized Australian Dota 2 star Damien “kpii” Chok have joined the league as a coach for the Loseyourself-led Cuteanimegirls squad, another thing that makes the Oceanic Esports Dota League revolutionary this time is the introduction of player trades.

Starting from the fifth week until the seventh group stage week, all team captains will be given a maximum of two trade allowances, which they can use to execute a one-for-one player swap. Player trades may only occur during the allocated trade window and all participating players are only allowed to be traded once during the course of the season.

Moreover, undrafted players who were not initially picked during the pre-season player draft will also be eligible for selection during the trade window. Undrafted players may be able to be selected once, while a player who has been traded into the undrafted pool will be eligible to be selected by any other team with a trade slot available. All trades that will occur during the allotted window will be subject for approval or denial by the OEDL administration.

The implementation of player trade into the second season of the OEDL will ultimately promote a fiercer state competition. It will hamper the outright dominance of a participant not by directly crippling it, but by strengthening the level of its competitors. It will also give recognition to players, as it will eventually highlight one’s impact upon leaving or joining a team. Overall, the player trade complements the main purpose that the OEDL: provide the Australia-New Zealand competitive gamers and viewers the best experience ever. 

Besides the player trade introduction, fans can partake in three additional events throughout the duration of the 2nd season of OEDL. The Oceanic eSports Cosplay Cup allows fans to demonstrate and celebrate the Australian and New Zealand cosplay community. Instead of having a convention where cosplayers can gather to display their creations, OEDL decided to make it an online spectacle. Fans participating in the cosplay cup can upload their creations to the Oceanic eSports Facebook page. The winning cosplayer will walk away with a whopping $2000 AUD.

Next we have the Oceanic eSports Dota League Pick’ems challenge powered by Picklebet, a leading Australian eSports betting site and sponsor for Oceanic eSports. Pick’ems is an esports tipping platform wherein anyone can join free. Matches for the OEDL season 2 will be featured and entrants will pick their winners. Entrants who will pick correctly will receive respective match points based on the actual odds for the match offered. These match points will determine the entrant’s position in the leaderboard; the higher your points, the higher your position will be in the ladder. The best part, of course: a total prize pool of $100 will be up for grabs for the OEDL season 2 pick’ems participants.

The third event that OEDL introduces as part of season 2 is the Oceanic Esports Captain MVP. Fans of the OEDL have the opportunity to vote for the favourite team captain of the ten participating teams. The team captain who will garner the most number of votes as the Oceanic Esports Captain MVP, will be rewarded with a sleek desk upgrade courtesy of Omnidesk (sponsor of Oceanic eSports). Any fan wanting to purchase their own Omnidesk can get a $50 AUD discount when using the special “OceanicEsports” code upon checkout.

In closing, all the OEDL season 2 matches are streamed live on Oceanic eSports’ Twitch channel. Matches are scheduled to start at 6pm (Australian time) and take place on Wednesdays all the way through to Saturdays.