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DraftKings is a leading daily fantasy sports and sports betting provider for the most popular sports. Over the past 4 years, DraftKings has driven the massive spike in daily fantasy popularity to become the number one daily fantasy sports provider in the United States. DraftKings offers a unique betting experience to its customers. Tailored towards fantasy sports, it is well and truly above its competitors and has become an obvious choice for both casual and veteran bettors.

DraftKings is most popular in the USA, because it was one of the first of its kind when it launched back in 2012. It mainly focused on popular American sports, for example: Basketball, Baseball, American Football and Hockey. They made their first dive into eSports with League of Legends and have since continued to expand their eSports markets.

– Biggest eSports fantasy platform
– Many promotions available
– easy to use interface
– Cannot place traditional eSports bets
– Does not offer an expansive eSports title range as others

As mentioned above, DraftKings does not offer your traditional eSports betting services. This is their niche and business model. From the beginning, even with traditional sports, they have focused more on the fantasy side of things.

Whilst this will not be exactly what everyone is looking for, it does offer a unique and diverse experience in comparison to other eSports betting sites. The following are the available fantasy eSports titles available:

  • Fantasy Call of Duty
  • Fantasy League of Legends
  • Fantasy CS:GO
  • Fantasy Rocket League 
  • Fantasy iRacing

Considering at the beginning of their step into eSports, DraftKings only offered League of Legends fantasy wagers, it is great to see they have made efforts to expand. I hope that this will continue in upcoming months and years, and we can see a strong market range begin to build up. Right now, DraftKings are one of the few gambling sites available to US customers, so eSports fans in the US, this might be perfect for you.

All of the major leagues for the eSports mentioned are included. For Call of Duty, it is all based around the recently franchised Call of Duty League. For League of Legends, the official regional leagues are featured, LEC, LCS, LCK, MSI and Worlds for example. Unfortunately, however, smaller events tend to not be featured on DraftKings, and finding markets for minor leagues is mission impossible. When we take into account the different form of betting that takes place, this is understandable as it would be hard to expansively cover fantasy wagers for each event.

DraftKings definitely offers a different experience for eSports wagers. It moves from the traditional betting experience and offers something unique, which could spice things up for its users. As I touched on, you can combine use of DraftKings with more traditional eSports betting platforms to get the best of both worlds and mix things up on a regular basis.

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