Garena Free Fire Live Scores

Garena Free Fire is a mobile battle royale shooter where 50 real players land on an island and fight to be the last man standing. Games are fast paced and only last a maximum of 10 minutes. The core gameplay is similar to other battle royale games like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, with players starting on a plane and choosing their starting location by parachuting to it. Explore the island to find weapons and items before the safe zone shrinks, forcing players to move quickly. Things start to heat up, as the safe zone gets smaller, as players are forced to fight in an ever-shrinking play area.

Players can get around the island quickly using one of four vehicles: a Jeep with low speed but high durability, a fast pickup truck, a small three-wheeled vehicle called the Tuk Tuk, and even one that can travel on both land and sea called the Amphibious.

Where Garena Free Fire differentiates itself from other battle royale games is its unique character system. The game has 10+ unlockable characters each with their own unique playstyle, such as the bodyguard who reloads faster and the nurse that restores more health points when reviving allies.

Garena Free Fire Key Features:

  • Huge PvP Battles – engage in thrilling 50 player combat with an extensive island with unique environments and loot.
  • Vehicles – travel faster with vehicles such as Jeeps and pickup trucks, and even go across land or sea with the Amphibious.
  • 10+ Unlockable Characters – each character has their own passive effects, such as an athletic girl with increased sprint speed and a nurse who restores ally HP.
  • Character Customization – buy outfits for characters as well as cute pets that follow players around in-game using premium currency.
  • Solo or Co-Op – fight in squads of up to four players with in-game voice chat.

Download it from the Google Playstore or Apple iOS store and start playing immediately!