How to bet on League Of Legends


League of Legends is an online multiplayer/team based battle arena game where two teams of 5 potent champions face off to destroy the others base.

You can choose from over 140 champions to secure kills, make thrilling plays and take down towers as you battle your way to victory.

The aim of the game is to destroy the nexus (which is where minions spawn) within the opposition teams base- the first team to do so wins the game.

Behind the nexus is the fountain whereby you can heal and replenish your health as well as access the shop.

Your team needs to clear a lane to reach the enemy base/nexus- your path is blocked by defense structures known as turrets (deal damage and provide limited vision from the Fog of War for their team) and inhibitors (protected by turrets, when destroyed minions will spawn in the lane for a few minutes but will stop spawning once the inhibitor respawns), each lane has 3 turrets and 1 inhibitor and each nexus is guarded by 2 turrets.

There is also a jungle between the lanes filled with neutral monsters and plants. Eliminating these gives your team unique buffs and can turn the game.

There are 5 positions that make up the standard and recommended team composition for the game. Each lane highlights specific roles and player types- choose your favourite or try them all to see what suits you best.

The more XP you get the stronger your player becomes and gold allows you to buy powerful items. Prioritising these 2 things is crucial to winning the game.

Each champions has 5 different abilities, 2 special spells and up to 7 items at a time. Once again figuring out which combinations of all of these abilities works for you is crucial to help your team succeed.

League of Legends Betting Markets

League of Legends is one of the most popular esports in the world. Betting is available across multiple betting sites with many allowing players to bet via mobile platforms as well as stream the games you are betting on.

It is recommended that you have a decent amount of knowledge and background information regarding the game, understand the odds and markets available as well as do some research to find the best site to play at.

League of Legends Bet Types:

Match winner/Head to Head or Money Line: You will be betting on the result of the match.

First Baron or Dragon: You are betting on the team that kills the first Baron or Dragon (neutral computer controlled enemies.

First Inhibitor/Tower: You are betting on the team that kills the first inhibitor or tower.

Handicap: You are betting on whether the team with the handicap advantage or disadvantage win one map in a series or to win without dropping a map.

Outright winner: You are betting on the overall winner of specific tournaments- not individual matches.

Betting online:

If an online bookmaker offers esports you can almost guarantee League of Legends will be available to bet on- although betting markets, odds and promotions will vary from site to site.

How to bet on League of Legends:

Eg: via

1. Choose your preferred bookmaker for real money League of Legends betting.

2. Click on join/register and fill in the required information.

3. Confirm your email and log in to the betting site.

4. You will now be required to make a deposit.

5. Enter your credit card or bank details and complete your first deposit

6. You are now ready to start betting.

7. Find the League of Legends match list and select a match

8. Select a team you think will win

9. Select your bet amount and place your bet- betting odds will be shown on the right hand side as well as your potential earnings.

10. You are also able to bets on as many games as you like

11. Minimum bets are $0.50 and maximum bets are $500 for pre-match bets, $250 for live betting

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