Nigeria Esports

The Esports industry is one that has seen tremendous growth over the years. China, the US and some countries in Europe have become leading forces of Esports. In recent years, Africa as a continent has also caught up with the Esports scene. They are unlocking the tremendous opportunities of this industry. Apart from South Africa, which is quite ahead of other countries in the continent when it comes to Esports, the giants of Africa, Nigeria, have awoken. Nigerian Esports is now reality. They are ready to unlock the Esports potential in a country with over 50 million youths.

Nigerian Esports president, Emmanuel Oyelakin, has gone on several TV interviews with other members of the Nigerian Esports team, including an interview on Channels TV. Channels TV won the best television station award 7 consecutive times! During the Interview, Mr Emmanuel and Dr Sid, vice president of the organization, stated their goals in raising the standards of the Esports scene in the country. Also, they used the medium to not only create awareness of Esports but also talk about the need to have a structured Esports system in the country.

The talks from the interview have been taken a step further as just in September, the Vice President of Esports Nigeria has founded Nigeria’s first-ever professional gaming team with the name, Sidizens Gaming. It was formed with players for FIFA, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. With the African Esports Championship set to start in Kenya, the formation of this team is a step in the right direction.

Esports Nigeria has announced a partnership with claim to fame entertainment LLC. LLC hosts Esports events in America to enhance the gamer social media brand to reach more fans. Another major partnership is with TechxHub who will become their official gaming peripherals partner and provide top class gaming equipment from leading brands like Steel series and Targus. Also, a member of the Nigerian Esports team hosted a football tournament dubbed as the pad soccer tournament. It was held in Asaba, Nigeria, and saw Adefola Teluvo take home half a million Naira in cheque. This is an impressive prize!

In 2020, the African Continent will be the first continent to host World Esports Consortium’s – Esports Social Programme – “Changing the People Changing the World”. They will also host their new Football and Esports Training Centres. It will not be surprising to see Nigeria selected among the 5 countries whose Esports is growing quickly. A positive result for sure regarding Nigerian Esports!