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If you are not familiar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the battle royale genre or just need a quick reminder, here’s a recap how it’s played out: at the start of the game, you get parachuted from an airship together with up to 99 more players into a map of very large proportions. You can decide yourself which area on the map to land in, where you think is best suitable for your next step. After you’ve hit the ground, the objective is to be the last person/team standing. Through scavenging for the best weapons and gear possible, finding the most advantageous vantage points and best your opponents, the objective can be done. PUBG is a massive online multiplayer game in first- or third person perspective, where up to 100 players fights in a battle royale deathmatch to be the last player or team (you can play alone, a duo or up to 4 players in a team) alive. Weapons and gear are spread out in empty buildings, ghost towns, sheds, warehouses around the massive map. Vehicles are available to offer mobility. To keep the players moving, the playable area shrinks (in stages) towards a random location on the vast map. If players are caught outside the “safe zone”, they take damage until they’re dead or they’re in the safe zone again. The game is over when one player or one team is the only one left alive.  

PUBG also has a thriving eSports scene, with the PUBG Continental Series (currently in its second season), taking place from 27 Aug – 13 Sept. The PCS2 series spans 4 different continents, namely North America, Asia, Asia Pacific and Europe. With a prize pool for each region set at $200 000, the winning team can walk away with $50 000, with 2nd place set to $30 000 and 3rd with $24 000. Even though it differs from many other esports, it has found a place in international competitions and tournaments. As for playing PUBG locally, you’ll be left somewhat disappointed. We don’t have local servers, so you’ll be forced to play on European servers which can yield latency in the region of 170-200ms. The mobile version of the game does have local servers present, but they only fill up if enough local players search for a game lobby using the European server region setting.  

The free-to-play version PUBG Lite on mobile devices proved to be a homerun as well. As of 2020, the game has been downloaded over 600 million times (with most of the downloads in China and India). Crazy, crazy figures. PUBG has since its early access release, skyrocketed. Both in terms of numbers of players and innovation. It made the Battle Royale genre what it is today and has influenced thousands of video game developers. It has been awarded with “Best Multiplayer Game”, “Best Ongoing Game” and “Game of the year” amongst a bunch of laurels. PUBG is equally fun for amateurs and for pros due to its randomization, user-friendliness and replay value. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so NOW!