Team Cure

Team Win Rates
All Matches 66.67%
5 Last Matches 60%

Cure upcoming matches and match results

Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches
10 Last Matches
Match Results
Cure vs PartinG 1 - 2
Cure vs DongRaeGu 1 - 2
Cure vs INnoVation 4 - 3
Dear vs Cure 0 - 3
TY vs Cure 0 - 2
Stats vs Cure 0 - 2
Cure vs Impact 2 - 0
Zest vs Cure 2 - 1
Impact vs Cure 0 - 2
About Cure

You are on the Cure team page. Here you can find the upcoming matches for Cure, as well as the previous results for the past 5 matches Cure played. LiveScoreGG also calculates the win rates for the past 10 matches and for all time, so that you can see how Cure is performing. The Cure team typically plays Starcraft2.

When the next match starts, you will be able to follow the match, leaderboard, play-by-play, minute by minute on the esports live score page for the match. Cure previous match was against PartinG and the match result was 1 - 2.