UCAM Open Masters 2020 Live Scores

UCAM Open Masters 2020 is an online event which is part of the Circuito Tormenta 2020, organized by UCAM Esports Club.

Tournament Format:

  • Up to 256 teams participate
  • Single elimination
  • Semifinals and finals are best of three
  • All other matches are best of one

Notable teams participating include the following:

Abyssal Wave, Cyber Lions Nexus, Dead Rabbits Black, DragonFly e-Sports, Estadio Quesito, Europe Saviours Omega, Foxies Reborn, Flama Esports, HTS e-Sports, Killabeez, LK Gaming, Manadrain Esports, Pyrexia Esports, Runelords, S2V Academy, The Dog King Neru, UCAM E.C Academy and Giants Academy.

The final standings of the tournament is as follows:

1st place – UCAM E.C Academy ($300)

2nd place – Flama Esports ($225)

3rd place – Giants Academy ($150)

4th place – Cyber Lions Nexus ($150)