LG Ultragear Tec Valorant challenger series 3

The Esports Club, a Bangalore based esports platform, announced its partnership with Lenovo in the ongoing Valorant tournament, ‘LG Ultragear TEC Challenger Series’ powered by AMD which started on 15 August 2020. The new partnership comes after two successful editions of the TEC Challenger Series that saw over 400 teams competing for Rs. 1.5 lakhs each month!

The TEC Valorant challenger series 3 will feature a staggering 256 teams in total in a five versus five format.

It will follow a playoff style series matches that will include single and double elimination matches.

Stage 1 will have five rounds of best-of-one (BO1), single elimination matches, starting with 512 rounds of competition until sixteen teams remain. Stage 2’s first leg will have BO1, double elimination matches, starting with a round of 16 teams.

The quarterfinals, semi-finals, including the upper and lower bracket finals will be BO3 matches. The grand finals will be a BO5 affair. The tournament is restricted to India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka players only. It will have a staggering prize pool of 200 000 Indian rupees.

The grand finalists will each walkaway with 100 000 Indian rupees (1st place) and 40 000 Indian rupees (2nd place) respectively. The remainder of the prize pool will be divided between the six remaining teams that featured in the quarterfinal and semi-finals.

The TEC Challenger Series format fits with The Esports Club’s strategy to create long term and sustainable esports IP’s that gives players a recurring opportunity to play, improve, and win. The company is investing in the future of Valorant and working closely in sync with publisher Riot Games to help support the budding esports ecosystem with multiple tournaments and opportunities for players during its five months-long tournament. 

The tournament is scheduled to start on 13 October 2020 and will run until 1 November 2020.