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Live Scores for CS:GO

Livescore.gg is the number 1 site for CS:GO live scores. You can find the complete upcoming match schedule for all CSGO matches. You can see the Tournament, which teams are competing, if the match is Best of 1, 3 or 5, along with the date and time of the match.
Then when the live CSGO match begins, you can follow the action.

See the action per map and see the scores for First Half, Second Half and Over Time. See which CSGO team wins each map, along with each team’s average map performance.
For each team and player, see the number of kills, assists and death’s, plus each player’s rating. We also show the play-by-play kills etc.

CS:GO Matches Today

Are you looking for the latest CSGO matches being played today? With so many tournaments, teams, and matches, it can often be challenging to find the CS:GO games being played today. We make it simple. On this page, you will always find the latest up-to-date CS GO matches being played today, as well as all upcoming CSGO matches.

CS:GO Tournaments

Along with the live scores for all CS:GO matches, we also enable you to find any live and upcoming CSGO Tournaments. For each SCGO tournament, we’ll show whether there are any live matches and if not, when the upcoming matches in the tournament will be.