Free Fire Tournaments 2021

Free Fire is a battle royale game, developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. It became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019. Due to its popularity, the game received the award for the “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019.
In a short span of time , Free Fire became one of the world’s most famous Battle Royale Esports title. With prize pool flowing in Millions of Dollars , the free fire esports scene is attracting the attention of all the aspiring players out there.
Game developer and publisher Garena has recently revealed the 2021 esports roadmap for its mobile battle royale title ‘Free Fire’. Free Fire is set to have a number of tournaments lined up this year.  They have also announced that the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) will be returning this year.

Free Fire Tournaments in 2021:
Free Fire World Series (FFWS) : According to Garena’s announcement, the Free Fire World Series is set to make it’s comeback. The world series will return with two editions. One in April and the other one in November. 
Free Fire World Series is the first International event of 2021’s Free Fire Season. 22 best teams from all around the world are invited throughout 14 regional series in the first half of 2021. The World series is set to have a massive prize pool of 2 Million US Dollars.

Free Fire World Series is set to kick off with the Play-ins on April 24th, with the competition’s Finals scheduld on May 1st. More details on the competition’s format and the participating regions is said to be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

Free Fire Continental Series:Free Fire Continental Series was used as an alternate to the Free Fire World Series due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, the competition is set to make  its return in April with teams 13 teams all across the world set to compete for Free Fire’s largest-ever prize pool of $2m (~£1.42m).

Free Fire All Stars: Garena has also announced the Free Fire All Stars along with the Free Fire World Series Event. In this event , some of the game’s most top influencers , content creators will battle against each other. This event is scheduled to take place in July. More details regarding this tournament is yet to be unveiled in the coming months.
Garena’s 2021 esports roadmap for the India region will comprise 2  seasons, each   will consist of 2 major tournaments. Free Fire Pro League tournament followed by a Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) finale. Each Pro season will have a prize pool of more than Rs 1,00,00,000.

Free Fire Pro League: Each Competitive Season will begin with the Free Fire Pro League. Through this tournament , the top teams will be able to participate in Free Fire India Challenge.

Each Pro League tournament will consist of 18 teams. In that 12 teams are the finalists of the previous season’s Free Fire India Challenge and the top 6 teams from the open qualifiers. In Each Pro League tournament , teams will compete for a prize pool of Rs 35,00,000 and enter into the next FFIC . The top 6 teams will confirm their spots directly in the next FFIC, while the teams who place 7th to 12th can skip the open qualifiers stage of the next FFIC by advancing directly to the closed qualifiers.

Free Fire India Championship:Free Fire India Championship is the gateway portal for International Free Fire International Tournaments. Here , Players will battle it out for a massive prize pool of 75Lakh Rupees the opportunity to represent their nation on the global stage.

Players can qualify for the FFIC league stage in 2 ways:
1. Achieve top 6 in the previous season’s Free Fire Pro League tournament.
2. Achieve top 12 in the closed qualifiers stage of the FFIC.
Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring:
Here , the top 6 finalists from FFIC 2020 Fall will be directly proxees6 into the FFIC 2021 Spring league stage. The remaining 6 finalists from the FFIC 2020 Fall will proceed to the closed qualifiers, where they will compete for the remaining 12 slots of the league stage. The top 12 teams from the league stage will make it to the grand finals of the FFIC 2021 Spring.

Free Fire tournaments in Middle East regions:
Free Fire Arab league Season 3:
Free Fire Arab league Season 3 begun on 12th December 2020 – and it concluded on 13th March 2021. It had a total prize pool of 30,000 US Dollars.

Freefire tournaments in LATAM region: 
Free Fire league Latinoamerica 2021 Opening: Free Fire Latino America League begun from January 2021 and concluded earlier this month. This league had a massive prize pool of $114,750 US Dollars.
Free Fire Tournaments in Indonesian Region: Free Fire Master League Season 3: The Free Fire Master league begun on January 16 and concluded on the 27th of February 2021 with a whopping prize pool of $106,807 US Dollars.

Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2021 Spring:With a total prize pool of $56,081 US Dollars , the league kicked off on the 28th of February and concluded on the 21st of March.

Free Fire Tournaments in Pakistan: 
Free Fire Pro League Season 1:The Pakistan Free Fire Pro League started in the end of January month and concluded earlier this month and it had a total prize pool of almost $15,000 US Dollars.

Free Fire Tournaments in Brazil: 
Liga Brasileira de Free Fire 2021 Series A Stage 1: The Series A of this league kicked off on the 23rd of January and concluded on the 20th of March. This league had a total prize pool of $144,365 US Dollars.

Free Fire tournaments in the CIS region:
Free Fire Pro League CIS Season 2:The Free Fire Pro League for the CIS Region went live on the 6th of February and concluded on the 13th of March. The CIS pro league had a total prize pool of $74,000 US Dollars.

Europe Free Fire Pro League:
The Free Fire Pro league series for the European Region kicked off 6th Feb and concluded on 14th March with an overall prize pool of $28,000 US Dollars.