Valorant HLTV

What is HLTV is the largest and most popular competitive CS:GO website. It enables users to find upcoming matches, see live scores, team rosters, and player profiles and stats. HLTV also has a really popular forum and allows users to comment on each match. They have a decent news section and often post exlcusive news and updates from the world of CSGO esports. Owing to how CSGO is one of the most popular esports, it makes sense to have a site dedicated entirely to it. However, the popularity of Valorant is growing considerably and it might soon push CSGO off the top charts.

Which are the new HLTV for Valorant

There are a few sites which are hoping to become the new HLTV for Valorant. They have copied the style and logic of HLTV and populated it with Valorant data. These top sites to look at are: