Daily Fantasy eSports

Fantasy sports boomed in recent years, with ever evolving leagues and competitive formats. The simple concept of creating your own perfect virtual team and competing against others, has grasped the attention of millions of users. Esports is slowly creeping into the fantasy sports domain with titles being picked up by providers left right and center.

The concept of fantasy esports is straightforward. You select a virtual team from a pool of potential real-life players and compete against other peoples’ team picks. Based on the real-life performance of your select players you team earns points which are then compared against other players’ teams determine the winner.

Let’s take Fantasy League of Legends (LoL) as an example. Your LoL fantasy draft will usually consist of 7 picks (1 for each lane position, captain and team). Those picks earn/lose points for Kills/Deaths/Assists or in-game objectives like Baron, Turret or Dragon kills. The Fantasy league operator will set a Game Set (meaning how many games your roster is eligible for) and you all set to wait for the results and see if your picks were worthwhile.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) are contests played across a shorter period then regular fantasy sport. Usually, a fantasy league in both sports and esports may last an entire competitive season. The DFS on esports system instead focuses on a single competitive weekend or session. The shorter timeframe of the DFS approach has enabled esports competitions in CS: GO, Rocket League or Call of Duty eligible for fantasy game play. The usual esports tournament in most titles is held in the span of a week or a weekend making them ideal for DFS.

For example, a fantasy CSGO DFS contest at DraftKings esports will last for a single tournament weekend. Players competing at the event will only have their stats calculated from the few games they play over those few days. DFS is ideal for players that don’t want to be bogged down in long everlasting leagues and want their contest done and dusted within days. Additionally, Daily fantasy games are commonly played subject to entry fees and have prize pools based on said entry fees.

The list of esports fantasy leagues competitions is growing daily. Selection of available titles may vary between operators. If we look at our current DraftKings promotion, your bonus can be used in both Fantasy CoD, CSGO, LoL or Rocket League fantasy competitions. New esports titles are added all the time, meaning you expect your favourite title to be added soon.

The similarity between esports betting and daily fantasy esports is only in the concept that you are wagering on the performance of the athletes or team to perform well. Of course, a fantasy league for esports may require a fee to participate with rewards handed out based on said fee.

This would entail you engaging in esports fantasy betting, but only as far as betting on your own knowledge and skill to select the best roster and win the DFS contest. While selecting a provider a Fantasy sports may involve some research, when selecting a DFS esports operator, DraftKings is by far the most comprehensive and inclusive provider.

Other providers might join the fray soon as the advantage esports fantasy has over fantasy sports is clear currently. But for now, there is one provider, DraftKings, that meets the criteria as your go-to place for Daily Fantasy Sports.

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