How to bet on League Of Legends


League of Legends is an online multiplayer/team based battle arena game where two teams of 5 potent champions face off to destroy the others base.

You can choose from over 140 champions to secure kills, make thrilling plays and take down towers as you battle your way to victory.

The aim of the game is to destroy the nexus (which is where minions spawn) within the opposition teams base- the first team to do so wins the game.

Behind the nexus is the fountain whereby you can heal and replenish your health as well as access the shop.

Your team needs to clear a lane to reach the enemy base/nexus- your path is blocked by defense structures known as turrets (deal damage and provide limited vision from the Fog of War for their team) and inhibitors (protected by turrets, when destroyed minions will spawn in the lane for a few minutes but will stop spawning once the inhibitor respawns), each lane has 3 turrets and 1 inhibitor and each nexus is guarded by 2 turrets.

There is also a jungle between the lanes filled with neutral monsters and plants. Eliminating these gives your team unique buffs and can turn the game.

There are 5 positions that make up the standard and recommended team composition for the game. Each lane highlights specific roles and player types- choose your favourite or try them all to see what suits you best.

The more XP you get the stronger your player becomes and gold allows you to buy powerful items. Prioritising these 2 things is crucial to winning the game.

Each champions has 5 different abilities, 2 special spells and up to 7 items at a time. Once again figuring out which combinations of all of these abilities works for you is crucial to help your team succeed.

League of Legends Betting Markets

League of Legends is one of the most popular esports in the world. Betting is available across multiple betting sites with many allowing players to bet via mobile platforms as well as stream the games you are betting on.

It is recommended that you have a decent amount of knowledge and background information regarding the game, understand the odds and markets available as well as do some research to find the best site to play at.

League of Legends Bet Types:

Match winner/Head to Head or Money Line: You will be betting on the result of the match.

First Baron or Dragon: You are betting on the team that kills the first Baron or Dragon (neutral computer controlled enemies.

First Inhibitor/Tower: You are betting on the team that kills the first inhibitor or tower.

Handicap: You are betting on whether the team with the handicap advantage or disadvantage win one map in a series or to win without dropping a map.

Outright winner: You are betting on the overall winner of specific tournaments- not individual matches.

Betting online:

If an online bookmaker offers esports you can almost guarantee League of Legends will be available to bet on- although betting markets, odds and promotions will vary from site to site.

How to bet on League of Legends:

Eg: via

1. Choose your preferred bookmaker for real money League of Legends betting.

2. Click on join/register and fill in the required information.

3. Confirm your email and log in to the betting site.

4. You will now be required to make a deposit.

5. Enter your credit card or bank details and complete your first deposit

6. You are now ready to start betting.

7. Find the League of Legends match list and select a match

8. Select a team you think will win

9. Select your bet amount and place your bet- betting odds will be shown on the right hand side as well as your potential earnings.

10. You are also able to bets on as many games as you like

11. Minimum bets are $0.50 and maximum bets are $500 for pre-match bets, $250 for live betting

DraftKings esports

DraftKings is a leading daily fantasy sports and sports betting provider for the most popular sports. Over the past 4 years, DraftKings has driven the massive spike in daily fantasy popularity to become the number one daily fantasy sports provider in the United States. DraftKings offers a unique betting experience to its customers. Tailored towards fantasy sports, it is well and truly above its competitors and has become an obvious choice for both casual and veteran bettors.

DraftKings is most popular in the USA, because it was one of the first of its kind when it launched back in 2012. It mainly focused on popular American sports, for example: Basketball, Baseball, American Football and Hockey. They made their first dive into eSports with League of Legends and have since continued to expand their eSports markets.

– Biggest eSports fantasy platform
– Many promotions available
– easy to use interface
– Cannot place traditional eSports bets
– Does not offer an expansive eSports title range as others

As mentioned above, DraftKings does not offer your traditional eSports betting services. This is their niche and business model. From the beginning, even with traditional sports, they have focused more on the fantasy side of things.

Whilst this will not be exactly what everyone is looking for, it does offer a unique and diverse experience in comparison to other eSports betting sites. The following are the available fantasy eSports titles available:

  • Fantasy Call of Duty
  • Fantasy League of Legends
  • Fantasy CS:GO
  • Fantasy Rocket League 
  • Fantasy iRacing

Considering at the beginning of their step into eSports, DraftKings only offered League of Legends fantasy wagers, it is great to see they have made efforts to expand. I hope that this will continue in upcoming months and years, and we can see a strong market range begin to build up. Right now, DraftKings are one of the few gambling sites available to US customers, so eSports fans in the US, this might be perfect for you.

All of the major leagues for the eSports mentioned are included. For Call of Duty, it is all based around the recently franchised Call of Duty League. For League of Legends, the official regional leagues are featured, LEC, LCS, LCK, MSI and Worlds for example. Unfortunately, however, smaller events tend to not be featured on DraftKings, and finding markets for minor leagues is mission impossible. When we take into account the different form of betting that takes place, this is understandable as it would be hard to expansively cover fantasy wagers for each event.

DraftKings definitely offers a different experience for eSports wagers. It moves from the traditional betting experience and offers something unique, which could spice things up for its users. As I touched on, you can combine use of DraftKings with more traditional eSports betting platforms to get the best of both worlds and mix things up on a regular basis.

Daily Fantasy eSports

Fantasy sports boomed in recent years, with ever evolving leagues and competitive formats. The simple concept of creating your own perfect virtual team and competing against others, has grasped the attention of millions of users. Esports is slowly creeping into the fantasy sports domain with titles being picked up by providers left right and center.

The concept of fantasy esports is straightforward. You select a virtual team from a pool of potential real-life players and compete against other peoples’ team picks. Based on the real-life performance of your select players you team earns points which are then compared against other players’ teams determine the winner.

Let’s take Fantasy League of Legends (LoL) as an example. Your LoL fantasy draft will usually consist of 7 picks (1 for each lane position, captain and team). Those picks earn/lose points for Kills/Deaths/Assists or in-game objectives like Baron, Turret or Dragon kills. The Fantasy league operator will set a Game Set (meaning how many games your roster is eligible for) and you all set to wait for the results and see if your picks were worthwhile.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) are contests played across a shorter period then regular fantasy sport. Usually, a fantasy league in both sports and esports may last an entire competitive season. The DFS on esports system instead focuses on a single competitive weekend or session. The shorter timeframe of the DFS approach has enabled esports competitions in CS: GO, Rocket League or Call of Duty eligible for fantasy game play. The usual esports tournament in most titles is held in the span of a week or a weekend making them ideal for DFS.

For example, a fantasy CSGO DFS contest at DraftKings esports will last for a single tournament weekend. Players competing at the event will only have their stats calculated from the few games they play over those few days. DFS is ideal for players that don’t want to be bogged down in long everlasting leagues and want their contest done and dusted within days. Additionally, Daily fantasy games are commonly played subject to entry fees and have prize pools based on said entry fees.

The list of esports fantasy leagues competitions is growing daily. Selection of available titles may vary between operators. If we look at our current DraftKings promotion, your bonus can be used in both Fantasy CoD, CSGO, LoL or Rocket League fantasy competitions. New esports titles are added all the time, meaning you expect your favourite title to be added soon.

The similarity between esports betting and daily fantasy esports is only in the concept that you are wagering on the performance of the athletes or team to perform well. Of course, a fantasy league for esports may require a fee to participate with rewards handed out based on said fee.

This would entail you engaging in esports fantasy betting, but only as far as betting on your own knowledge and skill to select the best roster and win the DFS contest. While selecting a provider a Fantasy sports may involve some research, when selecting a DFS esports operator, DraftKings is by far the most comprehensive and inclusive provider.

Other providers might join the fray soon as the advantage esports fantasy has over fantasy sports is clear currently. But for now, there is one provider, DraftKings, that meets the criteria as your go-to place for Daily Fantasy Sports.

GoodGamer Fantasy esports

If you enjoy participating in daily fantasy esports and cricket and keen to try your luck and make some decent money, then look no further than ( Fantasy gaming and Esports technology company Good Gamer Corp. announced the official launch of its GoodGamer Fantasy Gaming App, India’s first daily fantasy sports and true Esports gaming platform. Currently in beta phase, provides the daily fantasy esports enthusiast the opportunity to win up to 1 crore ($250 000) in prize money by taking part in various fantasy games, whether its based around esports or real sports.

According to the release, the GoodGamer app will launch with cricket, which kicks off September 19 and has 900 million fans in India, and the wildly popular Esports game CS: GO. The company also plans to add Football (Soccer), Dota 2, Valorant, Indian Rummy, and a quiz game before year end. The GoodGamer Fantasy gaming app is the first fantasy gaming app to offer prop fantasy contests, an AI-based lineup optimizer, player injury reports and alerts, and private contests where the contest creators can earn a commission for creating and managing the contests.

To participate, players first need to download the app from the website ( in four easy steps. Seeing that is a cash contest-oriented app, it is against Google’s policy and can’t be downloaded directly via the Google Play store.

Anyone that’s interested in joining must follow these four steps to get started:

Step1: players need to enter their mobile number on their website, and it will send the android package (APK) file directly to their phones. A warning pop-up message will prompt users if they want to download the APK file, on which they click “OK” to commence the download.

Step 2: Once it has finished downloading, users need to click on “Open”.

Step 3: A dialog message will ask users to install the application, to which users simply click on “Install”

Step 4: After installation has finished, users have the option to “Open” the app via their mobile phones.

With the app installed on your mobile phone, let’s see what it has in store for you as the player.

The first order of business is to select an upcoming esports or sports match. Next, you need to create your own fantasy team by selecting players that will slot into your salary cap. After this stage, you enter your team into any cash contest and hope your team is up to scratch as you compete for real cash prizes.

After a contest have ended and you were successful with your team, to cash out your winnings, simply click the wallet icon in the app to transfer your winnings seamlessly via PayTM, PayUMoney or bank transfer.

To summarize, provides the user the ability to participate in daily fantasy esports and sport events. You simply build your fantasy team from your favourite esports and sport players and use your fantasy team to compete for cash prizes.

The app is 100% secure and legal, provides 24/7 customer support should you have any issues or queries and to top it all off, it also provides users with cashback offers which they can use to spend elsewhere.

ESL One Cologne 2020

ESL One Cologne is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) tournament run by the Electronic Sports League (ESL). To date there has been six ESL One Cologne tournaments, with the first making its appearance in 2014 at the Gamescom event. The majority of professional CSGO events are LAN based events. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the majority of these LAN events made the transition to become online tournaments, including ESL One Cologne.

Since the inception of the ESL Cologne tournament, two additional regions (Oceania and Asia) were added to the mix, to accommodate teams from around the world. The two most prominent regions, North America (NA) and Europe (EU), have dominated the ESL Cologne event over the years. With the online format for the 2020 tournament, each region was divided into two groups, with four teams per group.

Each region is in contention for its own prize pool. If we bring the NA region into context, teams such as Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Cloud 9 and FURIA are the main contenders to advance to the NA regional finals for ESL Cologne. With that said, fans should also keep an eye on teams such as Gen.G, 100 Thieves and Chaos as they are also more than capable of dethroning any of the top NA teams.

The total prize pool for the NA region tops out at $135 000, with the finalists each walking away with $65 000 for 1st place and $30 000 for 2nd place. The ESL Cologne NA regional tournament is set to take place from August 18 – August 29 2020. Group stage matches are scheduled to run from 18 – 25 August, with the semi-finals are set to take place on Friday, 28 August and Saturday, 29 August at 22:00 (local South African time). Fans can follow all the action live at ESL’s official Twitch and YouTube channels